Fall Color Guard
Students are eligible for a PE Waiver when participation in the Fall Color Guard Marching Band Activity. Students must attend all Spring Clinics and the Memorial Day Parade as the first event. We will also host summer clinics and a Guard Camp the week before Band Camp.  Students will not be able to share with other sports to receive full benefits of this activity.

Winter Guard
This is Taylor's FIRST Sport of the Arts! Students will learn to push their personal boundaries in the area of performance. All students will be considered for the Varsity team, but some will be placed on the JV team if they are not ready for the commitment and skill set expectation set for the Varsity team. Those on JV may be offered alternate/shadow spots and have the opportunity to substitute in for a performance if needed.


We will use a few methods for communication.  The first will be this website and TR Music Calendar on the front page. The staff for the marching arts programs at TRLSD utilize Remind.  It is suggested that you download the app to avoid text message confusion and receive the attachments.  Remind is a quick and private way for teachers to send small messages to all students and parents without sharing either party's cell phone number.  The Yellow Jacket Bands will also post various photos and videos through Facebook and Instagram.