Taking music lessons from a private instructor is one of the best ways for a student to improve on their instrument. One on one instruction with a teacher will really help your student improve and excel at their band instrument. Lessons are great for students who are looking to improve at their instrument or need new challenges.

Listed here are teachers who currently work with Taylor students. Students can take lessons during or after school depending on the availability of the teacher. All scheduling and payment for lessons are handled between the parent/student and the private instructor. Contact the private instructor directly, or contact the band staff if you need more information regarding lessons.


Flute - Caroline Beard
Phone: 828-280-1255
Email: beardcm@gmail.com

Flute - Bonnietta Benn
Phone: 231-330-2886
Email: brbenn@gmail.com

Saxophone/Clarinet - Eric Wurzelbacher
Phone: 513-967-8867
Email: wurzelbachere@gmail.com

Trumpet - Jenna Veverka
Phone: 412-779-1027
Email: Jennaveverka10@gmail.com

French Horn - Charlotte O'Connor
Phone: 214-724-4727
Email: oconnocc@mail.uc.edu

Trombone/Baritone/Tuba - Austin Motley
Phone: 660-988-0225
Email: motleyai@mail.uc.edu

Bass (electric/upright) - Noah Simionides
Phone: 330-904-5685
Email: simionnp@mail.uc.edu

Percussion/Drum Set - Tom Buckley
Phone: 952-956-2087
Email: tombo1086@hotmail.com

Percussion/Drum Set - Danny Groh
Phone: 513-607-8873
Email: daniel.groh@zoomtown.com